Miss Beazus Lives For A Day

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Whatchu wanna know?

Gonna try to make Maggie proud tonight. #food

No I wasn’t driving along a cliff. That is normally a beautiful beach view. Crazy fog yesterday, bros. #weather is scary. #latergram #nofilter

Tomorrow’s menu up on the chalkboard. One of my gram’s recipes. #food

Bridal trial aftermath! #makeup #mua

#beauty/#makeup haul before tomorrow’s bridal consult. @sstrazzere has me ADDICTED to @maccosmetics Fix+ & Softening Lotion.

Hello, lover. It’s been a long time. #shorthairdontcare

Legit the best fans ever! I asked for 100 and I got 107!! I know compared to a lot of IG and FB pages this is a drop in the bucket, but it means SO MUCH to me. Really.

I’m SIX away from 100 Likes on my FB page. It’d be super dope if you’d throw some love my way. Comment if you’ve got a page and I’ll like it in return for your support!

#tbt senior prom 2002. Normal colored, long (for me) hair and NO GLASSES! Oh and a date. Weird right?! #throwbackthursday

#motd a little o’ this, a little o’ that and a TON of shimmer. #makeup #mua

#motd this is my soccer game face #makeup

Love my new @zennioptical glasses!!

Eighteen years ago today this little boy came into my life. Time has flown. He’s the closest thing i will ever have to an annoying little brother 😜 I love you, @jaymcb34. Happy Birthday!!

I look and feel like crap, but I’m going out anywayyyyy #freedrinksdoe

Yeeeah, Imma need like seven of these today. Must. Have. #coffee.

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