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Grey Mohawk Swag by @p_eter_pan (curls by me) #nothingbutpixies

#motd wedding curled up mohawk swag #makeup #mua

The Always Dates hit up a super nerd wedding #youcantsitwithus

The tomatoes in this bag better be the best goddamned tomatoes I’ve ever eaten. They are seriously cramping my commute. #overit

#tbt Powder Puff 2001 with the two best friends a girl could ask for! Love you, @shutterbug924 and @phuzzynut!! #throwbackthursday #gowitches #noreallywewerethewitches #salemma

#tbt Powder Puff 2001 with the two best friends. Girl could ask for! Love you, @shutterbug924 & @phuzzynut!! #throwbackthursday #gowitches #noreallywewerethewitches #salemma

Don’t you spend your Saturday testing out paint pens? #art kid problems. #ilovepens #highfromthefumes

Oh hi there, creative inspiration! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?! #drawing #art #sketch

Some people eat lunch. Others, not naming names or anything, hand letter cards for friends.

#tbt cuz I’m still in a 3M mood. Me in 2007 riding to Paris on a barrel. I miss theater. A lot. #timehop

#FBF because I missed #TBT 2008 at Disorientation after a huge breakup (6 years ago yesterday!). These girls helped so much and I love them to bits! #flashbackfriday

I didn’t think I was ready for Fall beer get, but then the store had @ciscobrewers #PumpleDrumkin… I’m doing it for the economy! #Drink #local #beer

My wearing-sunglasses-inside-how-is-it-not-Friday face.

I don’t post here anymore.

It’s literally only my Instagram feed. I got tired of the fan girls and the politics and just the general garbage that this site was dumping on my life. I love the folks I’ve been able to connect with, but dealing with the bullshit just so I can see some people’s photos and rants about donuts isn’t worth it anymore.

SO, if you’d like to chat with me off Tumblr or follow what I’ve been up to, send me a message and I’ll give you my email address or follow me through one of my other social media accounts.

My Instagram & Twitter are both MissBeazus

I do have a Facebook page for my makeup business. That is Beazus Beauty. Please come on over and LIKE my page!

If you want to be friends with my personal account on FB, shoot me a message with your name and I’ll find you. My personal stuff is unsearchable for work purposes.



Last selfie of my 20s, taken by and with @megalugz #latergram #megabeazdirty30 #bringonour30s

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