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Ending this amazing weekend with my favorites. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to spend my 30th birthday. #megabeazdirty30

Birthday presents part deux from Momma and Papa Powers! #megabeazdirty30

SUPER exciting day for me!!! #HHOF #BecauseItsTheCup

Beautiful breakfast courtesy of @megalugz’s parents. So delish! #megabeazdirty30

Thirty is off to a great start. #megabeazdirty30

Our plane had PROPELLERS. It was called a BOMBARDIER. #megabeazdirty30

Holy shit I am 30!!!! #megabeazdirty30 #fuckitletsdance (at Fionn McCool’s)

#tbt Two-fer! Left is 2005 on my 21st birthday, right is 2008 at 5am before we left for Toronto. This weekend I’ll celebrate another milestone birthday (30!!!) in Toronto :)

Which one should make the trip to Toronto? Love the black but the strap is shorter. Love the color of the blue but it’s not as chic. Decisions, decisions.

Because Toronto… #megabeazdirty30 #iamnotanalcoholic

Because Toronto… #MegaBeazDirty30 #gottapayforshit

#pixieforlife I almost always have short hair, but tried growing it out for a while. Hated it and went back to the pixie, much to the glee of my stylist @p_eter_pan. #nothingbutpixies forever for me! (@nothingbutpixies)

Sometimes you want a gray one-sided undercut and @p_eter_pan says ‘you should do both sides’ and you love it. #hair

#beer o’ the day.

Magic Hat and TARDIS Bottle Cap earrings from my college roommate!!! Obsessed!

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